Friday, January 1, 2016

Welcome 2016, Let's Write!

I always want to set goals for the new year, resolve to succeed and take as many actions as possible to help me get closer to achieving the long list of things on my "I Want To Do" list. I'm thinking a writing resolution; blogging, food, art, RiverLights Originals, my cookbook, our Chopped Junior experience, and who knows what else. All in all, 365 days of writing. 

Though I write diligently each week on my Monday Motivator blog, I want to write more and on a broader spectrum of topics. It would be fun if people read my musings, but that's not necessary, it's really more for me, and for Mason after I'm gone. Like so many other ideas I have, I will just start and see where it goes. 

I want this to be more personal and I want to be able to write about anything I'm feeling, thinking, creating, contemplating, or processing, I don't want to worry about what people think. If my post resonates with you, great, if it doesn't, that's okay too. I welcome stimulating conversation as long as it is respectful. We don't have to agree to get along and be kind to one another and ultimately, if you don't like what I'm posting, you don't have to travel this journey with me. That's the beauty of this life, for the most part, we can choose to participate or not. 

Happy New Year, let's make this one great!

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