Monday, January 25, 2016

Falling Behind But Not Quitting

I guess I didn't anticipate the impact moving into our new house would have on my resolution to write every day.  That's really silly to even type as I know what it means to move, I KNOW!

I'm not quitting. If I fall way behind, I will catch up. I will write two or three posts in a day and by the end of this year, there will be 365 new posts.


Anna Brewer said...

I love you're commitment. You're not behind, you're just on an altered schedule :) I'm behind in my 365 photo project. They are all there, I just forgot how much time a toddler takes and I'm okay with posting them late. Somethings in life are okay like that. Can't wait to read what you get down :)

Kathy Partak said...

Yes, I like that, and altered schedule. I've been making notes about observations and posts to write and I will sit and write several at at time. At this point, I just need 365 by 12/31/16! Thank you for reading and commenting, nothing makes a blogger happier!