Sunday, January 24, 2016

Judgement VS Evaluation

Maybe not all of you know this about me, but I LOVE a stimulating discussion. I like when people don't agree with me (legitimately, not antagonistically) because it makes me think about angles I haven't considered - and if it makes me uncomfortable, all the better. The conversation about spelling/grammar and the English language was not meant to call anyone out or hurt feelings, it was just to pose the question, "Do people today care about the importance of communicating effectively through proper written language?" This was based on a true event that seemed so crazy to me. 
With that said, I was advised that "Observation is a strength and Judgement is a weakness." If that's true, what is the difference between Judgement and Evaluation? In observing, can we trust our instincts to warn us when an individual or situation is unsafe, or would that be considered "judgement," that said person is dangerous? How do we know? I can ascertain I feel something and react accordingly, but it seems to me if we are living completely "judgement free," we are living in an unrealistic place. Should our children trust everyone they come into contact with so as not to be weak and judgmental? Certainly, we all have different color lenses we see life through, but isn't the pointing out of "Observation is a strength and Judgement is a weakness." a judgement in and of itself? 

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