Saturday, January 16, 2016

Our Four-Legged Family Member

We signed the paperwork today to buy our new house. Dave has been gone for over two weeks for work and while he's been gone, I've been packing. The house is in all kinds of disarray, some stuff is packed, some is pseudo packed, while some is right where it's been all along because we still need to use it each day.

As I take our house apart, pack some stuff, give away other things, and throw out lots more, Spencer is clearly not comfortable. He is sticking with me like glue. If I walk from the bedroom to the kitchen, he is at my feet. If I sit down at my desk, he snuggles in under my knees at my feet. He knows something is changing and he's not sure what it is. If I could think or speak for him, I would think he is feeling like he feels when we pack to go on vacation, only more so.

I reassure him that he is coming, too and he will love the new house. Dave suggested that we put together a box with his blanket, babies, and tennis balls in it so he can see his stuff is packed, too. Not sure it will work, but we'll do it because he is coming with us. In fact, we didn't buy houses that we really liked because they didn't suit Spencer. We all matter and you will never hear this family say, "We're moving and we can't take our dog." NO WAY!

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