Friday, January 22, 2016

Making Lists

I often have so many balls in the air that if I don't make lists, I can't remember anything! Do you make lists? Today I need to research property for two clients, call a new client about a listing, keep packing to move, move some boxes, hopefully get over to the new house to start putting the kitchen together, schedule some travel for a competition for Mason, meet Dave in W. Sac to shop for Mason's bedroom and maybe a couch, and pick up the moving truck. Oh, and did I mention we are moving?

Lists are also imperative to a good nights sleep. If I don't get all the stuff in my head on a piece of paper. I will lie in bed and my list of things to do will swirl furiously, the stuff I need to do, the stuff I didn't get done today, and the stuff I want to do. AHHH! All while Dave is blissfully sound asleep next to me, sometimes even before his head has hit the pillow. Is this a gender thing? Do women worry more about what needs to be done than men do? I think so, but I digress.

My point is just that I need to write shit down, I need it out of my head on on a piece of paper, and it has to be paper, if I put it in a note in my phone, I don't reference it. Although I do sometimes lose the piece of paper, or have more than one piece of paper that has some of the same things to do on both of them, but not everything on each. Sheesh! This is one big mess of a post about lists that are suppose to make my life less messy! Laughing!

Here I go, I'm going to make one list, on one piece of paper, that I will not lose, that will make me feel good each time I cross something off it as done. Now I need to figure out how to focus on doing just one thing at a time. And you? Lists?

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