Sunday, January 17, 2016

Is There a Celebrity Among Us?

Tonight after lots of football, we went to dinner at Max's in Auburn with David & Lisa and while we were dining a woman approached our all know where this is going, right? "Excuse me, are you Mason Partak?" 
She had a flyer for his tacos but keep in mind, we did not announce ahead of time we were going to be there and the place was packed. She wants to arrange to have him come speak to her classes at an elementary school in Grass Valley. She asked him if he would be comfortable giving a talk and maybe doing a demonstration of some kind. He assured he he has done lots of talks and demos and he would be happy to come talk to her school. 
Gotta love it!

I knew there would be a window of time after he won Chopped Junior that people would recognize him, but I guess I didn't expect random, "Are you Mason Partak?" while we are out to dinner. I'm beginning to think there may be a celebrity among us!

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