Saturday, January 9, 2016

I Wrote and Published a Book

Did you know that? It started back in 2000 and I even started the first draft. I got busy and changed computers a number of times so I lost track of it. In 2007 I found it and I finished it in 2008. I don't think I printed it until January of 2009, but I finished it and printed it. I sold maybe 100 copies, but I'm proud to say I completed it.

Creative and Memorable Ways to Keep in Touch - yep, a little paperback gift book about and old school way of touching people. There are 52 ideas ranging from sending a Christmas card in July, creating themed gift boxes to mail, to being a secret pal for no real reason at all. Certainly, we keep in touch and share news on social media, but this is a much more personal way to touch people and stay connected.

Here is the first paragraph in the intro of the book:

This was started in 2000, and here we are 15 years later longing for a more personal connection more than ever. Do you have plans to try to do more to personally connect with your loved ones? I may republish my CMWTKIT blog, but not right away, I'm more interested in keeping my resolution to write every day in 2016. Unless of course there was a major public outcry for this fun little gift book. Big smiles!

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