Friday, March 8, 2019

International Women's Day

Speak your love today and then speak it again everyday❤️🗣. To those women I know and get to surround myself with; I celebrate you, your hard work and your determination💪 For showing up and giving yourself to others each and everyday. When you thought no one was watching, I saw you😉. I learned from you. I continue to learn and be inspired by you. On this International Women's Day, I speak love to you!

Friday, March 1, 2019

Month of Love Day 29 - Juli and Preston Marx

Day 29 Month of Love goes to Juli and Preston Marx III. Juli and Preston are two of my favorite people on this planet. Like all my other amazing people our meeting comes with a humorous story. 

I purchased some readers from Juli on the yardsale page and she offered to deliver them to me. I gave her my (then) office address and she came in to see me. A little time later she sent me a message on Facebook and asked me about real estate and that conversation lead to another private message asking if we could talk. We did and she, in her sweet yet confident voice said, "Here's the thing, there is this house I want to see but my husband, Preston, he's a lawyer and very involved in our community and may have other friends who may want to be our Realtor. I can't promise that it would be you when it's time to buy, but do you think we could go see this house together?" I had to chuckle and I absolutely appreciated that she was honestly putting her cards on the table.

We went to look at that house, and then another house, and then several more houses! It was so fun shopping for their next home sweet home. They had a very specific set of criteria like all home buyers do and I was doing my best to find as many, if not all of the things they not only needed but wanted. I told them what I tell all of my buyers, "You have to see houses in person, you have to feel them. When you find the right one you won't need to compare what works and what doesn't. You will both agree that it is the right house and the things it needs or doesn't need won't matter, it will be THE house." I don't know how many homes we looked at when I got the call. Juli said, "I think we found our house! We want you to come to see it, will you meet us there?" Yep! I met them there and when I walked in I said, "I would have never even thought to show you this house!" Very little about this gorgeous home met their need/want criteria. 

I tell this story to almost all of my buyers because it is such the epitome of home shopping, maybe of life in general, the things we think we want are not always the things that we get and love. 

Juli and Preston have become two of my dearest friends. We went through withdrawals after their escrow closed because we weren't talking every day, that was especially hard on Juli and I. But we worked through it and we have been able to hang out when we get it on the calendar and don't allow other things to creep in. I got to celebrate a huge accomplishment in Preston's career by helping with the food, and Juli and the kids came over to help me put together bookcases when Dave and I moved into our new home. 

Both of these individuals are such giving people, they chip in and make our community a better place at every opportunity. They are like you and me in that they are super busy professionals and parents who make time when their friends need help. I love you guys, I am so happy we have each other and Juli took a chance and reached out to me...and for the record, we would still be friends even if Preston had promised the home-purchase stuff to someone else. :) MonthOfLove