Friday, January 30, 2009

Support Mom Made!

I've been looking for great places to spread the word about ZipperBack Gloves and two places that have been great are,

They are both created by a woman named Amy who really seems to be able to connect us as moms and women. Check out her pages and let me know what you think.

I'm really liking the idea of places we can go to support mompreneurs and small businesses! I'm certain ZipperBack Gloves will be a button on one or both of these pages very soon! I'm sure I'll have lots to share on Monday!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

A Favorite Quote

We are in Las Vegas this week at SIA 09 and meeting with the team from Saranac. I'll have a full report for you when I get back next week, but for now, let me leave you with one of my all time favorite quotes, "Do or do not..there is no try."

Monday, January 26, 2009

Saturday Was One Year

On Saturday, January 24th, it was exactly one year ago that I sat at our kitchen table and created the first ZipperBack Glove. On one hand it seems like the year has gone by so fast, but on the other, I feel like I've done so little.

The truth is, I've really accomplished a lot! From there to here I've managed to align myself with some incredible mentors, acquire two pending patents, we are on round four of the prototyping process, we have a manufacturer, a business license, a logo, a web site, and a business plan.
Step by step we'll find out how successful this is really going to be.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Vote For ZipperBack Gloves

Vote for ZipperBack Gloves!

A Tribute to Moms in Business

Everybody knows one. Like a super hero, she balances running a family with the heroics of running her own business. We’re talking about moms in business, of course. And now, StartupNation is conducting its first annual ranking of these astonishing entrepreneurs and the businesses they run.

But, how do we know who’s the best of the best? We’re leaving that to you. Over the next few months, it’ll be your daily votes that will tell us who deserves to be named a winner. The list of the 200 winners will be published in May and will be ranked according to votes accumulated.

Vote now and everyday!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Congratulations President Obama!

Talk about a shining example of Intentional Winning! This man set his sights on something that's never been done and accomplished it. Not only did he win the 44th presidency as the first African American President, he showed us, yet again, what any of us can do if we just start!

I think Barack Obama is extraordinary in his eloquence and his ability to relate to people. much like Oprah Winfrey. People feel like he really is just like them, they relate to him and that's his gift. Do you see what he's done? He realized his gift and took it to a profession where it would serve him, and in this case, much of the world. We all have a gift, the challenge is in discovering it and finding the place is fits perfectly in this working world. The beauty of this plan is when you do find your gift, where you go from there usually comes to you.

Congratulations President Obama!

Monday, January 19, 2009

Blue Monday

From the Auburn Journal 1/18/09 by Michelle Miller-Carl:

There aren’t many reasons to be happy these days. Your New Year’s resolution to jog is losing out to the snooze button every morning. Whether it’s TV, online or in the paper, you’re assaulted by bad news.

And all the Christmas gifts you bought this year are haunting you — in the form of credit card statements that are finding their way to your mailbox.

So for all you doom-and-gloomers out there, here’s another reason to stay in bed tomorrow: it’s the most depressing day of the year.

Jan. 19 is Blue Monday, the nadir of sadness for 2009 as calculated by Dr. Cliff Arnall, a former tutor at Cardiff University’s Center for Lifelong Research.

His equation for unhappiness uses weather, debt, time since Christmas, time since failing New Year’s resolutions, low motivation and need to take action to determine the unhappiest day of the year.

The formula for calculating Blue Monday receives a flurry of media attention at this time each year, despite some discrediting the somewhat shaky mathematics behind it.
But what Arnall didn’t figure into his equation this year was a global economic slowdown that has compounded our collective depression.

Rick Rivera, 61, of Auburn, admits he’s pretty bummed out by all the sour financial news.
“There’s never been anything like this. I thought I saw everything in the early ’80s and ’90s, but it’s nothing like this. This is a bottomless pit,” he said. “It just won’t stop. It keeps going on and you know more is coming.”

Dr. Jordan Hamilton, a clinical psychologist in Auburn, says all the bad press takes a toll on your mood. “One of the things I certainly recommend to my clients is to end your obsession with bad news,” he said. “People latch onto bad news, they’re constantly on the Internet, reading the newspaper and watching TV (for bad news) when these are things which people have very little power to change.”

While bad news is an external cause of unhappiness, much of our misery comes from within, especially around the first of the year. “Around the holidays, people are reminded of unresolved issues,” Hamilton said. “When they begin the new year, they look at what they have not done over the year. There’s a great deal of self-criticism that goes on.”

While he’s not aware of a mathematical legitimacy of Dr. Arnall’s equation, Hamilton said it makes sense that all these factors could compound into a season of depression. Of course, if depression symptoms are persistent, seek professional help. But for your run-of-the-mill gloominess, there is a remedy.

“The three best prescriptions for depression and anxiety are exercise, exercise, exercise,” Hamilton said. Given Auburn’s sunny skies, there are plenty of ways to get outside and work out. But if you think the beautiful weather isn’t a cause for melancholy — think again. Our lack of precipitation has put the Sierra snowpack at below-normal levels, setting the stage for drought concerns.

Mack Smith, 58, of Auburn, pointed out that Jan. 19 will be the last day of George W. Bush’s administration. “That’s a happy day,” he said. “Anything is better than Mr. Bush.”

Joan Noell, 61, of Roseville plans on being in stitches on the most depressing day of the year — she’s having three friends over for a quilting party. “I have so much going on there’s no time to be depressed,” she said. “I’m too busy doing things I enjoy doing.”

Friday, January 16, 2009

Life's Lows

No matter how much you practice being positive, and looking for the bright side, there are certainly times it's appropriate to feel sad, or blue. The obvious times are a death, the loss of a job, or an upset with a friend or loved one. But what do you do if you find yourself in a funk and there's been no major event to blame? If the normal things you would usually do don't work, I say embrace feeling down. Maybe it's the moon, your monthly cycle (if you're a woman of course), or just simply stress.

I'm usually so happy and up, that when I'm blue I actually feel guilty. Even with a clear and legitimate reason to be sad or angry, my logical side fights with my emotional side. When my emotions win, I give in. I allow myself a day or so to feel sad and it typically falls away on it's own. If all else fails, remember that we can't fully appreciate the good days without an occasional bad day to gauge it by.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

What About Intention?

Do you think your thoughts really have the kind of power that some would like you to believe they have? I do. Whatever you think, you're right! How many times have you heard me utter those words? One of the laws of our universe is the law of attraction that states like attracts like. Create an energy about your self that's negative and you will attract negative people. Oh, never mind, you all know this stuff!

I'm rambling a bit today because I'm struggling with how I feel versus how I want to feel. I certainly believe I have control over this, but sometimes, the actual where-you-are-right-now-feelings are stronger than the I-know-I-can-feel-something-different knowledge. Hopefully what I know and believe will soon win over what I'm feeling so intensely. I'll explain more of this on Friday, but for now, let me go clean my house and my emotional space!

Monday, January 12, 2009

You Got You Here!

Is this you? This certainly guarantees success but what are you really gaining? Exactly!

To really take responsibility you have to tell the truth. Tell the truth about how many pounds overweight you are, how many dollars in credit card debt you are (to name just a few of the truths I've been confronting lately), and that you are the only one who created and can uncreate the mess.

It seems that people are really catching on to the true meaning of the truth will set you free. I know when I get honest about where I am and why, I can clearly see the things I need to do to produce the better outcomes I want. Oprah has kicked off her new season with all the topics that we live with and try to balance; weight, health, money, spirituality, and sex. Every one of these shows had the same foundation, get honest with yourself about why you are where you are and when you do, conditions will start to improve. I believe this. I know you have to start the do-ing, but telling the truth, saying it out loud, writing it down, and mapping a plan makes it seem less daunting. It's as if when you finally say it or write it, you see that you're still living and breathing, but now the weight of the lies has been lifted. You can breathe easier with a plan to move forward to the honest life you really want to live.

What do you need to get honest about? I spent all day Saturday getting honest about our finances and how we (I say we because in our marriage, Dave and I both make decisions, but for my purpose of getting real, I take full responsibility for where we are.) over indulged in a time when I wasn't making my usual salary. I'm also feeling an overwhelming need to get real about my diet and fitness routine. I need to stop allowing myself to be in a funk, and just do it! Create the right mental attitude by taking the action, the funk will fall away when the benefits of the healthful eating and exercise kick in.

I contemplated giving you my facts and figures as part of my honesty program and chose not to in an effort to not create an uncomfortable situation by giving you more information than you care to have. If you want to know my honest numbers (weight and debt), e-mail me and I will share them with you without shame. It is what it is and it's about to get better! Share your thoughts with me, I'm happy to share my journey with you, heck it's always easier to do this together!

Friday, January 9, 2009

Woman Bites Dog!

As reported by Andrea Menniti of KOVR channel 13:

It may seem bizarre, but for Kathy Partak, nibbling her cocker spaniel Riley is a daily ritual."Every morning I give him a little love bite," she said. "It's our 'good morning.'"

It started the first day she brought Riley home as a puppy six years ago. Now, if she forgets to chomp, he gets upset."He'll kind of follow me around, he'll scratch, 'Hey, are we okay?'" Kathy laughs.

When Kathy is gone, her husband Dave is left to do the dirty work. The devoted owner insists Riley is perfectly clean, and not a bit bothered by the biting."It's just a little scruff on the neck," she said. "It's not even a hard bite.

Kathy is the first to admit that the habit is hard for other people to understand."Absolutely this is odd," she said. "None of my friends bite their dog, but I don't care! Why be normal?"

Kathy and Riley's unusual display of affection as gained national attention, and the two appeared on the Rachael Ray Show on 1/8/09.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Kathy, Riley, and Rachael Ray!

Yes, tomorrow is the day our segment will air on the Rachael Ray Show. Riley and I flew to New York back in September and taped a segment of "Is this normal?" It's pretty clear to me that what I do to Riley everyday isn't normal, but hey, why be normal anyway? Laughing!

I'm sure I've shared what the segment is about, but today I'm not telling. Tune in tomorrow to see for yourself. The show airs here in California at 3 PM on NBC (channel 3 for me in the Sacramento area). It certainly wasn't what you might think it would be to do the taping, but it's one of those experiences in the big picture scheme of things, not many people get to do.

I'm glad we went and if my ulterior motives go as planned, you'll see me on again only this time I'll be appearing as a "Mom Inventor" touting our very smart glove invention. Now you see my evil plan! Tune in tomorrow to see us make our national television debut!

Monday, January 5, 2009

It's All About Family

For me, winning in life is about happiness. For as long as I can remember I've wanted to be happily married with children. I waited for the right man and together we have a wonderful son. We've found a great balance between the time we spend as a family and Dave and I encouraging each other to spend time away from home with our friends and hobbies.

For the new year we got a Wii system along with the Wii Fit program. It's Dave's intention that we get fit and feel good. We (or should I say Wii) are working out together and even when we work out at different times during the day, we track each other's progress and compete with each other. It's been great fun and makes me feel good as a mom to see Mason practicing yoga completely self determined.

For all intents and purposes, I feel successful and like a winner. I still have things I want (and need) to accomplish personally and professionally, but if it were to all end right now, I'd feel like a winner!

Friday, January 2, 2009

A New Year - A New Approach

It's been said that 92% of people who make new year resolutions don't keep them. The thought is that they try to tackle too much all at once. I've had some success with resolutions but they usually don't come on January first. Oh, don't get me wrong, I resolve many things at the beginning of the year, too, it's just that the things I've been successful with haven't been for a new year.

This year I'm certainly starting new with the same commitment to get my weight in check and feel better. Heck, if Oprah, who has every advantage, can gain her weight back, well, that speaks for itself. Dave has been working out all through the holidays and he looks great. We got a new Wii system with the Wii Fit program and I have to say, I'm impressed. I'm going to use this tool and see where it takes me.

For today, I'm going to journal my food, be conscious of my choices, and exercise. Yesterday, I ate chips, dip, and See's candy. Sounds crazy, I know. My thought was that eating some of the leftovers took the "I can't have that" feeling out of the day, and frankly, it wasn't all that. Now that the diet has been blown, I have nothing to fail at and I feel really ready to eat better food, exercise more (again), and just get to the business of making this year better than the last one! Happy New Year!