Saturday, April 4, 2009

Give Away Ten A Day - Day Thirteen - Pictures

This is a perfect example of how your drawers fill up. I buy a pkg of pop-up turkey timers every year. They come in packs of two, but I only use one. I keep the next one for the following
year and then when Thanksgiving rolls around, I can't find it.
What do I do? Buy another pkg of two! I had an unopened pkg (2), this open pkg shown (2),
and three (3) loose timers floating around in this drawer.
Dave emptied all the cabinets so we could declutter and only put back what we use.
This is the contents of just one cabinet.

We thoroughly cleaned each drawer and cabinet, including the top of the refrigerator!

I did my fair share!

All this paper was in one drawer. Envelopes, magazines, and recipes. The left side is all that came out of the drawer and the labeled folder on the right is what I kept. Mostly handwritten recipes from family and friends.

This is the pile of everything that we are getting rid of. The bag of paper is not pictured.

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Mark Reyland said...

I bet you have one very happy trash!