Sunday, April 5, 2009

Give Away Ten A Day - Day Fourteen

So today would have been the end of the challenge if I were just sticking to the 14 days. Not so. I'm on a roll and have so much more to do! I'm going to keep it up until there is order in all my space!

I noticed something the other day that had slipped off my radar. When I noticed it again, a light bulb went off and reminded me how important the "action" step is when the law of attraction goes to work. A year ago I made a vision board. It hangs in my bedroom where I see it each day, multiple times. As I lay here a day or so ago, I noticed the big square in the right hand corner. It reads very simply. "Order in the House" and it was the very first thing I put on the board. I also remember Dave laughing when he saw that. He said, "Now that's a good one! Likely impossible, but a good one." I'm feeling like it's completely possible to declutter and maintain order. I can. I will!

Finally, let me say one more time how easy it's getting to let go. I can barley remember a handful of the things I've already parted with and I am feeling so much better having organization. Also, I've lost five pounds since I started this project! Julie may have been on to something with the letting go of stuff could have something to do with letting go of other weights and measures of who and what we are. These are just a few of my most profound realizations. There really have been light bulbs going off all around me as I simplify and declutter!

My list for today will be added after I take Mason to the Easter egg hunt this morning.
  1. Plaid shirt
  2. Plaid shirt
  3. Plaid shirt
  4. Plaid shirt
  5. Hawaiian shirt
  6. Dress pants
  7. Jean shorts
  8. Khaki shorts
  9. Swim shorts
  10. Swim shorts


LisaLisa said...

Kathy I must say ...girl you had a lot to give away. lol lol I'm still giving things away myself I just gave some items to my daughters school but not as much as you have. Blessings to you my friend.

Kathy said...

I do! There is all this stuff in the back of the cabinets and closets that when I take it out it's like, "WOW! I didn't know I had that. I guess I didn't need it all this time, I don't need it now! Bye-bye! Out it goes." Hey, post the stuff you are decluttering, too!