Friday, April 17, 2009

Give Away Ten A Day - Day Twenty-Six

The Purple Box. I pulled the purple box from the shelf in my closet and determined that yes, some of what was there, I wanted to keep. The idea surfaced again, that "it," whatever it is, needs a place.

The things I'm choosing to keep are several nice luggage tags, a collectible Disney mug, a pair of gloves, and several nice writing implements.

The rest of the junk, a sun glass case, several old hair ties, two Brighton tins, five postcards, an ear piece for a cell phone I don't have anymore, and three cassette tapes. These are the thing that make up today's list of things to give away. That's fourteen things that I say, "Bye-bye!" to.

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Tania Reynaert said...

Still laughing from yesterday :-)

I like belly dancing outfits...woohoo bells! :-)

I have Indian bells for my ankles and I love them. Airport security was looking around a lot trying to figure out where the sound was coming forom...seems I'm deaf to that frequency! hahaha

When cleaning all the kitchen cupboards and sorting through all my kitchen items for future moving, I realized that I like containers. So I sorted the ones with matching lids, the others are set aside to go.

I also like take out containers. I always thought they might come oin handy...they didn't. So they are sorted aside also.

If I didn't start reading your blog, I think I would have packed them up and moved them all with us.

thanks kathy!