Monday, April 13, 2009

Give Away Ten A Day - Day Twenty-Two

Yesterday we worked in the garage. This is one of those "way more than ten today" days. I went through many boxes and one was full of CDs. You know how you buy a favorite bands CDs as they come out and then they come out with a Greatest Hits CD? Once you have the GH, you don't need the other 4 leading up to the really good one. The CDs I kept, I took out of the plastic cases and using only the cover art, put them in leather CD cases, thus downsizing. Sure glad I kept the CD organizers! I let go of 50 CDs and tossed the plastic cases of the 64 CDs I kept. That was only one box!

Additionally today, I have some Christmas excess, and craft stuff that I said good-bye to. See pics below.

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