Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Give Away Ten A Day - Day Twenty-Four

It seems like I've done so much and I haven't made a dent in all I still have to do! How can this be? It seems like everywhere I look, there are piles of stuff. Stuff! Stuff! Stuff!

I have stuff that I need to give to specific people, so it sits on a table waiting for me to package and mail it. You might be wondering why I feel the need to give things to specific people instead of donating them to charity. It's not many things, but as an example, I dated a man for 5 years back in the late 80's-early 90's. He has a daughter who I'm still close to. When his grandmother died, I was given a lovely crystal serving dish. His daughter is now in her 20's and I want to give her this dish.

SO, I feel like I'm getting rid of stuff at breakneck speed, and I'm still surrounded by clutter! I'm not quitting! Today I bought some new t-shirts from Old Navy, seven of them to be exact. As soon as I got home, I went through my t-shirt drawer and got rid of 10 shirts! I'm already implementing my "bring one in, one has to go out" policy.

Today's list:
  1. 3 shirts (didn't count the seven I exchanged)
  2. 10 CD's
  3. 4 magazines
  4. Dinosaur toy
  5. Mini soccer net
  6. Extra car booster seat
  7. Large box of Christmas flowers
  8. Small picnic cooler
  9. 3 Coffee mugs
  10. Lg bottle of poor quality body lotion

1 comment:

Tania Reynaert said...

that's a good idea. When bringing new home, out with the old. I think I'll adopt that practice Kathy! :-)