Saturday, April 4, 2009

Give Away Ten A Day - Day Thirteen

Today was Give Away Ten A Day in the kitchen blowout! Dave and I did some serious damage and cleared out a ton of stuff. I took before pics of the drawers but don't have after pics yet. One of the things I'm learning that makes this project so fun, is that after you purge a drawer, it becomes a blank canvas to create new, proper places for the things you do use regularly. Now that we know where we want what, we can pic up some simple drawer organizing tools to help keep things neat. Here's a few shots of us working today and a final shot of all the stuff that went out of the house! A special note to those who have given us generous and thoughtful gifts. If you see something you've given us, please don't be offended that we are not parting with it. We sincerely appreciate the thought, but really need to simplify our home and life. See below.

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