Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Give Away Ten A Day - Day Twenty-Three

Wow, the more I do of this letting go of stuff, the more I see that needs to go! It's becoming a bit of an obsession but only because I'm feeling so good seeing all this excess leaving my space, it's as if everything physically feels lighter.

Decisions in my bathroom cabinet are easy. I don't find that I get to the cabinet and ask myself what I'm there for. All this time I thought I was premenopausal and my memory was the first to go! It turns out I just couldn't think clearly through all the clutter! I may still be premenopausal, but at least I'll know when my memory is really going because I won't have all this stuff distracting me.

As I sit here writing, I see a purple box on one of the shelves in my closet. I recently went through it and decided I needed to keep what's there. I haven't been in that box since I deemed it "clean and necessary." I suspect if I just take it to the pile of stuff to donate, I won't even miss what's there. I can't tell you what's in it without looking. How important can it be? I'll let you know tomorrow what I ended up doing with it. I bet you already know the answer!

Here's today's list:
  1. 12 cups from Poobah's past.
  2. 7 bags of cookie cutters
  3. 1 Dog gate for the back of your car (for sale)
  4. 1 Motorcycle helmet (sold)
  5. 1 pair motorcycle gloves (sold)
  6. 1 Insert style dog door (sold)
  7. 1 Adult Western saddle (sold)
  8. 1 Pony saddle (sold)
  9. 3 Egyptian rugs (for sale)
  10. 1 Box full of miscellaneous tack (for sale)

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Tania Reynaert said...

hey! I had those striped cups. what fun! :-)