Friday, March 6, 2009

November's Gratitude Journal Prize

Back in November you'll recall that we spent each day logging what we were grateful for. Lisa Anderson won that contest logging on every day even though she was on a sailing cruise for two weeks of the month. She logged on while on vacation! Here's what Lisa won for all her gratitude and the letter that went with it:

Dear Lisa,

Congratulations! You won the gratitude contest. Every time you made an entry in our combined gratitude journal, I gently rubbed a small part of this beautiful stone. Each time I rubbed the stone, I started to see the brilliant gold nugget you hold in your hand today. All I can figure happened, is I started with what looked like an ordinary rock, and the more grateful you were, the more gold came into your life. It's clear you are a grateful woman and that explains your abundance! Here is the beautiful gold nugget to remind you how rich your life really is.

With much love,

Lisa sent me this picture with a note that said, "I'm so glad to have received this fine award that Kathy mined herself."

No my dear friend, it was and still is, all you!

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