Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Give Away Ten A Day - Day Two

Okay, this is turning out to be kinda fun. Here's the list for today:

  1. Set of 3 wine bottles I thought would look good with lights in them. Probably will, but not hanging on to them anymore.
  2. Plastic napkin rings. Another craft project that I never made time for.
  3. Holiday flower napkin rings that I never used.
  4. Holiday body wash & body butter.
  5. Wine bottle stopper.
  6. Tacky bud vase.
  7. Lunch box.
  8. Old CD player.
  9. Scrubbing bubble scrubber - never used.
  10. 35mm Olympus automatic camera.


Anonymous said...

What a great idea! I think I'll try this ...really don't have much myself but I'm sure I can find somethings.

LisaLisa from www.nighthelper.blogspot.com

Kathy said...

It's surprising how much "stuff" we accumulate! You can count everyting, from old twist ties in the junk drawer to rubber bands that for some reason you think you need to keep! Smiling! Thanks for chiming in! Kathy

toni said...

Great Idea Kathy, will start
my house cleaning tomorrow.

Kathy said...

I gotta tell you Toni, it's hard and it feels really good at the same time. It's funny how I resist giving stuff away. The more I resist something, the more I think I need to let it go. Along the Wayne Dyer lines! Thanks for chimig in!