Thursday, March 26, 2009

Intentional Winning At...What?

What are you doing in life that you are Intentionally Winning at?

Intentional Winning at Wine Making? Intentional Winning at Writing? Intentional Winning in Marriage? If you're living your life, the list of things you can be Intentionally Winning at is endless.

I like to think that I'm Intentionally Winning at Communication. I put a lot of effort into making my communication honest, accurate, and meaningful. I can only gauge my success by the feedback I get, and it's only been a couple of times that I've been told I needed to take it down a notch. Most of the time I'm complimented on my ability to articulate thoughts, feelings, and ideas. I've also written Creative & Memorable Ways to Keep in Touch. See some of my ideas at This is just one more way I Intentionally Win at communication. You can, too!

What are you Intentionally Winning at? Maybe a question that lends itself to more fun is, what would you like to learn how to apply Intentional Winning to? Do tell!

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