Monday, March 23, 2009

The "Give Away Ten A Day" Challenge

Spring is here and I'm ready to commit to decluttering my house! Yes, I said my house because I am taking charge and taking out the trash!

It's a good thing Dave doesn't follow my blogs because he would be scared. Especially because as we speak, he's packing for a week long business trip and he won't have any control over what I remove from the premises.

Here's what I'm planning and I'm inviting you to join me.
  • I'm committing to getting rid of 10 things a day. Yes, 10! Whether it's old pieces of Tupperware, toys that Mason doesn't play with, clothes, or just "junk-drawer" stuff, ten pieces a day will go to Goodwill, The Salvation Army, Mason's preschool, or to the consignment shop.

  • I will implement organization tools such as bins, shelves, and containers as needed.

  • If I have to bring something in, something in addition to the ten pieces will go out.

  • I will list the ten items in each days entry.

  • I will commit to 14 days, more if it feels good and I'm not done purging.

  • The only space off limits will be Dave's loft.
Here's a picture of two of my trouble areas: the pantry and the antique dinnerware hutch. I have lots of cluttered areas and will post those pictures as well. My plan is to declutter and hopefully start to feel less anxious and more calm. With that, I can concentrate on abundance without stuff!

Invite as many people as you can to follow and join me in this universal quest to downsize and declutter!

Sign on, follow my progress and join me in the journey to lighten the load of clutter and stuff that surrounds you!

  1. Felt costume hat
  2. Blouse
  3. T-shirt
  4. Business Plan Software
  5. Corkscrew
  6. Box of candles
  7. Six Magazines
  8. Old sunglasses
  9. Bag of Nine pair of Mason's socks (too small)
  10. Bag of marbles


Big Mike said...

Six magazines are six things aren't they?

Kathy said...

Yes, but today they were one in my pile. This will get harder as I go so I'm sure I'll take to counting every single thing at some point! Are you gonna join me? Send this along to your family and friends and see if they want to play, too!

Julie Anna Ballard said...


Lisa A. said...

I went straight to my junk drawer which is great place to find 10 items. I rid the drawer and threw away: 2 pair old sun glasses, museum wax, table setting name plates, nutritional guide books (never reference), outdated ferry schedules, keys we have kept for years, pins, old shopping guides, old candy, broken battery for dog door. That's ten.