Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Give Away Ten A Day - Day Three

Here's what I'm learning about parting with my stuff. Most of what is cluttering my house is not so much junk, it's more stuff that every household needs, it just needs a place to call home. A good example is the staple gun, box of staples. multi-pack of zip ties, hole punch, wire, fishing line, and duct tape. Sounds like all of this stuff needs to be in a tool box! What a novel idea. That's going on my to-do list today. Here's what is out of the house today:
1. Cheap Christmas village decoration.
2. Corkscrew (how many of these do I really have?)
3. Dream catcher given to Mason
4. Mini RC car from who-knows-where.
5. String of lights from something, who knows.
6. Pretty gold box.
7. Wine bottle bag from Starbucks.
8. Current copy of Turbo Tax I don't need.
9. Turkey wine bottle cork.
10. Wooden letters spelling "My Daddy" from Mason's baby room.
How are you doing? Are you feeling good about what you're parting with, or is it harder than you thought it would be? Chime in and share how you feel about downsizing.

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toni said...


Just wanted you to know that I
got up this morning and threw
away 12 things and it felt good.