Monday, March 16, 2009

Do You Ever Wonder?

Do you ever wonder about the people you went to high school with? Facebook has proven to be a great place to reconnect with your old high school chums, unless you're me. I was talking to Julie (my best friend of more than 30 years) about facebook and she started naming off all these people she's reconnected with from hs. After we hung up, I got to thinking about who I might like to find. Couldn't think of anyone. It made me feel kind of sad at first, but when it comes right down to it, I'm still in contact with the people I was actually friends with then.

Then I got to thinking about the people who were popular in hs. What are they doing today? I wonder if being "somebody" in hs felt for them the way it appeared to me (and others). Did they go from a low level of fame while at school, on the football field, cheer leading, student council, etc, to being just another hs graduate trying to find their way in an adult world? I was just a hs student trying to find my way to class, and then (barely) a graduate trying to find my way in life, no real difference. I suspect it may have been harder for them.

So here we all are, in our 40's, having found our way, somehow. Maybe I'll look up some of the formerly popular kids and see if I can find them. Maybe reach out and reintroduce myself now that I have a pretty good idea about who I am. Nah, not really that interested, and that too is what Intentional Winning in life is all about. Whatever it is you choose to do, it's good because you make it so.

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