Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Two Mediums or Family Size?

"Sooo, Missy SUPER VALUE SHOPPER! Which gives you more pizza? 2 mediums, or 1 family size? This is really just rhetorical...and the TP thing is funny. The TP I used to use was washable and reusable, but it felt like buffalo hide, and stickers got caught in it easily..." LOL Rob Wagner

Okay Mr. Rob, washable tp that's not soft? Not worth it! Laughing!

As for the pizza question, it depends on where you eat pizza. Round Tables medium is a 12 inch pizza, 8 slices, and their extra large (or family) is 15 inches and 16 slices.

Mountain Mikes on the other hand, has a medium that is also a 12 inch pizza, but they have a Mountain size that is a 20 inch pie... they don't specify how many slices each pie provides.

Papa John's on the other hand, shows that it's clearly a higher yield to purchase two mediums, but there's a catch, their medium (12 in) and large (14 in) pizzas are slightly different in size, but yield the same number of slices, 8. Their extra large pizza is slightly bigger and only provides 10 slices. So there may be a science to pizza, I don't think this question has a definitive answer as far as slices go, but in the mathmatical sense, I'm sure it does.

For the Partak clan, we will almost always do two mediums 'cause we all like different stuff! If you want to save a few dollars, go to the web site of the pizza place you plan to eat because most of them have an on line coupon you can print and use!

How's that? Smiling!

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Kara Plank said...

Good to know! Thanks for the tp info too. I actually started wondering about that a weeks ago, when I felt like I was always buying it (the cheap stuff) I just went to Walmart, and bought a value pack of the good stuff! Also thanks for the great weight loss info on my blog! I guess I have to up my work-out time. (thanks a lot)