Friday, July 25, 2008

Recycle and Save!

There are many things you can recycle to others (like clothes your tired of), or use again yourself.

One suggestion came from our good friend Roberta, "Poor Man's Tupperware" as she calls it. It's the bowls that cottage cheese, sour cream, small yogurts, and sometimes sliced deli meats come in.

The one that deli meat comes in is Gladware, which I have now classified as "Middle Class Tupperware." The only thing I can see people having trouble with is knowing what's actually inside the bowl, that at a glance looks like cottage cheese. Don't let that stop you though, I can't tell what's in the actual (and expensive I might add) Tupperware I use!

I say, use the poor man's stuff for lunches, picnics, and when you need a really small container, that way, if you lose it or give it away, it's no big deal when you don't get it back! Recycle and Save!

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