Friday, July 11, 2008

Mason's Favorite Jeans

This is one of those things I never imagined I would actually do, but I did. The reason I thought I would never do it is because my mom did it, and I just couldn't imagine I would "need" to.

Turns out I didn't really "need" to in the same way my mom did, but I needed to because they are Mason's all time favorite pair of jeans. Like all 4-8 year old boys, give or take a year or two, Mason wore holes in both of the knees of his favorite jeans. I started to do what I've done with the other pants that came to this fate, when I saw the puzzled and then crushed look on Mason's face.

It came to me like the voice of God, when in fact it was my mom's voice in the back of my head that simply said, "patch those knees." I bought two iron on patches, Pirates of the Caribbean, ironed them on (it took a few times with a damp cloth to get all the edges to stick), and he has easily worn them two dozen more times, and their still going!

A little money saving tip, that happens to be green, and it made Mason SO happy! Thanks mom, and the people who made the iron on stuff, cause I don't sew!

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