Saturday, July 12, 2008

Saturday's Tip

Share your newspaper and magazine subscriptions with your neighbors and friends, or at the very least, recycle them to charity.

We get a local paper and I thought I might ask my neighbor Amy is she wants to pay for half the basic monthly rate and I'll drop it to her each day. We get it, read it in (usually) under 15 minutes, and in the recycling bin it goes.

I also buy magazines at my local thrift store and then donate them back when I'm done reading them. It's not as cost effective as the library, but at .49 a magazine, I'm doing a whole lot better than new stand prices! I'm also being green by giving them back to the thrift store to sell again.

So there you go, your green, money saving tip for this weekend! Post one that you're using, share the wealth!

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