Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Bring Your Favorites Back to Life!

Mason and his friends watching Toy Story 2 for the umteenth time!

So, how did you do taking your lunch? I made Mason cheese ravioli for dinner on Monday night and packed two little side dishes for lunches.

Today, I want you to think about your favorite movies, the ones you loved enough to buy on VHS, and maybe even on DVD. Instead of going to rent movies, watch your favorites that you haven't seen in ages.

Mike brought this gem to me saying that he and Neave watched an old VHS movie last night and though he had seen it before, it was as if he were watching it for the first time. There were entire scenes he had forgotten, and he even found he couldn't remember how it ended! A benefit of slight memory loss as we age! Laughing!

This morning on the Today show they had two families on who spent a month seeing how they could cut back on expenses. They cut the usual stuff like Starbucks, little water and snack stops, but they also did stuff like washing the car as a family. This was really fun for them, and they saved $25! They also found themselves hanging around the house with nothing to do. They stated at this point they would have gone out shopping or for a meal. Instead, they took the kids to the park and fed the ducks. In another instance, instead of a family day at the water park, they went to the store and bought a Slip-N-Slide that the kids played on for hours. In the end, it was lots more family time, and way less money spent.

What are your little tricks for cutting back on money but not on the quality of your life? Chime in, we want to hear from you!

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Kara Plank said...

I drink much more water if it is "bottled" water, but the price of bottled water adds up fast, so I refill my bottles, and it works for me! Also, if I buy generic prodeucts instead of name-brand, I refill the name-brand container with the cheaper generic (mouth wash,etc) to have the "good" feeling of having the "better" product. It's a mind over matter thing...