Tuesday, July 15, 2008

New Action Scrubber by Scrubbing Bubbles

This is a great product for those of you that clean the tubs and toilets in your home! Here at the Partak homestead, it's me who does the dirty work, and dirty it is!

I usually go the way of an old wash cloth and some powder cleaner. Talk about how old habits die hard! The powder cleaners are hard on our bodies, hard on our appliances, hard on our skin, hard on our plumbing, and they leave a gritty residue that is the last thing you want to feel when trying to relax in a hot bath. Did you notice the one word that kept coming up in that list? Hard!

The new Action Scrubber by Scrubbing Bubbles is not hard. It has a soft, grippable handle that makes cleaning the tub a breeze. For those tight spots, you just remove the pad from the soft handle, get in the grooves, and throw away the pad, dirt, and grime. Easy-peasy!

Check it out for yourself by going to http://www.scrubbingbubbles.com/ to get a $2.75 off coupon! Worth every penny just for the ease of use!

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