Friday, February 29, 2008

From My Personal Journal

July 2001 in the "Relationships" section of my goals and plans for my life I wrote:

Simply Stated: I am participating in a wonderful loving marriage. We support and nourish each other and have a communication line that is clean and clear.

1 Year: I have drawn to me the man who fuels me and I just light him up! We know we are forever and we are making plans.

3 Years: We are happily married and have specific plans for our life together. We are learning and growing. We have multiple properties and deciding about our family.

What I'm doing today: I am living my life - having fun, meeting new people. I am paying attention to who I am surrounding myself with. I am being me, knowing I am not only enough, but wonderful and unique. I am listening and paying attention. I believe I can have all I desire and it will be wonderful!

I came across this old journal the other day while cleaning house. I couldn't help browsing it. When I read this section and realized it had not only come true almost to the letter, I smiled even bigger seeing that the universe did everything on my speed setting; faster than I planned!

Dave and I started dating in September 2001. We were engaged (and secretly married) in December 2001. We planned our wedding for November 2002, and Mason was born in October 2003. Though we don't "own" multiple properties, we do own one and have several others available to us that we didn't have in July of 2001. So there you go, to journal or not to journal? I think it's a silly question.

If you dream about it, write it down, draw pictures of what you see in your head, plan how you can behave now to get where you want to be tomorrow. It works. I believe!

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