Friday, February 22, 2008

Take Some Notes

This sure hasn't been the week for stimulating conversation. I hope all these hours I have been sleeping with the flu count toward my "sleep reserves" for later. Sheesh!

As you know we have been looking at relationships this month and how we can choose, groom, and thrive in only the healthiest ones. What have you done in your life to recognize the not so good ones, and fuel the healthy ones? Make some notes or keep a journal and it won't be long before you can see the "muck," before you agree to a lunch date.

It seems easy to know what we don't want, so take a moment to write down the things you DO want. What do you want in work relationships? How would you like things to be with your family? What about love? Start to focus on the the way you want things to be, write it all down, and you will be amazed how the stuff you don't want starts to fall away. Keep me posted!

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