Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Relate Up!

As I get older, I understand the importance of relating up. This means that I strategically place myself at the bottom of the totem pole and surround myself with the people I want to learn from and be like.

As young people this is difficult. Our egos get in the way and we want to be the one in charge, the top of the totem pole. When you do this two things happen; first, you have nowhere to go. How fun is any endeavor if you have nothing to learn? Second, your energy is constantly being tapped by those who (hopefully) want to be like you, often times leaving you nothing for yourself.

So think about this every time you find yourself in a social setting, or looking for a new job. Seek out those people who have what you want in life and befriend them. Learn what it is that they do in their day to day life, and you will see that before long you are doing many of the same things. "Do" is the most important part of any plan, get to the "do" and you will "have." Soon you will be drawing more and more of this calibre individual (or group) to you and living the life of your dreams.

Special note: Happy Birthday mom! Enjoy your day.

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