Monday, April 18, 2011

Picture U Perfect Photography - Shannon RIch

As a stay at home mom I decided to make my passion for the art of pictures become a dream career as a photographer. I started working at a portrait studio to learn the techniques of the business such as lighting, backgrounds and positioning of people. I was fortunate to acquire knowledge from a mentor who truly knew the depth of creating beauty, instead of every picture being the same.

You might have talent, a keen eye and positive attitude, but if you are missing skills and proper equipment this will become a problem. It is critical to have a professional camera during the beginning of your endeavor because this is the heart of making pictures come alive. I use a Nikon D300 which has given me excellent performance. Many others use Cannon and enjoy its features as well. Additional equipment is necessary to enhance your abilities; these items will include an external flash, reflectors and a variety of lenses.

Three years ago I started my own photography business. I am currently working as a photographer part time while building my portfolio. Being a mother of a 1st grader, I assist at my daughter’s school activities and other functions such as girl scouts as well as caring for my active 3 year old son. This has given me additional opportunities for leads to expand my business. Focusing on pictures in natural settings where children could be comfortable; such as themed portrait events of fairies, country kids and vintage. I love capturing the maternity sessions, even the milestone during birth and after. Family portraits bring back memories in a special way for their favorite location. This is the direction I chose for my passion. It opened my eyes to the world outside, literally.

These are a few tips to keep in mind when gaining exposure and experience.

· Have mini sessions at discount prices.

· Have a strong support group, be it family and friends who can become clients.

· Suggest your ideas with clients but don’t be pushy, let them have their day.

· Learning your skill is a continuous process. Suggestions are offered from mentors through photography clubs or workshops.

Follow your dreams; choices are endless when creativity is the key to your success.

Shannon Rich

Picture U Perfect Photography

Photo of Shannon by Coree Firchau Keenan


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Love the shot of the little boy with the suitcases. Awesome! Keep it up fellow Nikon lover! :)