Friday, April 1, 2011

April Fools Are Everywhere!

I wanted to post something really creative, an Intentional Winning April Fool, but hard as I tried, I wasn't fooling anybody! With that said, April will be about Intentional Winning in Photography. I know many people who love the art of photography, including me. It's one thing to enjoy taking family pictures and it's another thing entirely to do it for a living. With the digital medium, the field has opened up to many more skill levels and start-up budgets. This month will be fun and I will see if I can get some of my Photog friends (yes, real making-a-living professionals!) to share their thoughts on some Orange Roads you can take to make your photography dreams come true. As always, join in and share your thoughts and ideas, there is no better compliment to pay a blogger than comments on our blogs!

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