Monday, April 11, 2011

I Want to be a Photographer - Orange Road #2

Here's another tip from long time professional photographer Al Wright at Raintree Studios in Alameda, CA:

Here's an idea to get a new photog started that will not only help them, but will help and honor others as well. There are several sites online that honor men and women in the military and their families for their contribution to and sacrifice for our country. Some of these organizations look for local photographers who are willing to provide a simple portrait session and a desk size print or a small collection of 4x6 proof-quality prints at no charge to a family that has a member serving in the military. Some of these organizations request that the individual is a professional photographer as evidenced by sample portraits that they would submit to them, and by their web site. Why would someone do this? First, they would do this because they want to honor and thank the men and women in the military for their service. After that, it will give them experience in photographing children and families, and if they give the family one 5x7 print, they will probably want to purchase more for grandma and grand dad.

A new photog may need to improve their photography skills before some of these organizations will agree to recommend them to their military families, but they can certainly do this on their own as well. This past Easter, I offered military families with a loved one currently serving overseas a complimentary mini portrait session and one 5x7 print. I intend to make the same offer for Mother's Day, Father's Day, and Christmas. I advertised my offer on my Facebook page and asked my friends to share my offer on their pages as well. I also have joined a parents' group on Yahoo for parents in my city.

An aspiring photog can do the same thing for families of cancer survivors, families that are part of the "Make A Wish" foundation, or families that are part of "Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep" (families that have a new born infant that tragically will not survive more than a couple of days). Good luck!

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