Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Meet Photographer Monica Toohey-Krause - Studio KYK Photography

Hello my name is Monica. I'm a wife, mommy, photographer, and a good friend. I’m not a writer, but I will do my best here for Kathy and her Intentional Winning blog because I love her and photography.

If you are thinking that you want to be a photographer then I'm sure you are a lot like me, loving photography while growing up and now thinking I can’t put the camera down! I LOVE it so much I want to do more. Right?

Here are a few tips on how I have made it work for me:

~MOST importantly, make sure you enjoy it while you are doing it - If you are smiling then the world is smiling back at you!

~ When you can afford to make the investment, get a DSLR camera (I like Canon). You can start with the Rebel (it’s okay) and the upgrade lens and bodies as you can budget to add them.

~Take LOTS of photos and then take more…. (For a few reasons )
1. The more you take the better you get
2. You can and will capture REAL life expressions
3. Because you can! It’s digital and you don’t want to miss anything

~Find a Photog support group like (Sac Smug ) that you can go to bounce ideas off of others and play with people that share the love you have for photography.

So now go grab a camera and take some photos, with your smile on!
Monica Toohey~Krause


Shannon Rich said...

I love Monica Toohey-Krause photography work! These are some great tips and I agree 100% in joining the Sac SmugMug Club. They are an incredible group of people and photographers =-).

monica@studiokyk said...

Way cool Kathy! Thanks lady for believing in me!

Anonymous said...

Monica~ You are a perfect example of "Doing what you love and loving what you Do, then you go one step further to inspire others. This passion shows in your work. ;)

Kathy said...

Yes! Intentional Winning is all about action and passion! Thanks friends for chiming in! Comments to a blogger is like icing on a cake! Big smiles!

Hillary- A Photographer Friend said...

Monica's zest for life and incredible creative eye for images has been inspiring to me for years, even before I met her in person! She is a very special lady and friend to me. Besides the SAC SMUG, joining a Daily Community online like SmugMug's Daily Photo Community or even on FLICKR can help your photography skills and friendships flourish. That's how I met Monica, through SM Dailies, an online relationship since we live on opposite sides of the country!

Kathy said...

Hi Hillary! Thank you for chiming in. It's true, we can meet people from all over the country, even the world if we just open up and reach out to groups of people who love what we love. I hope you follow a long as we continue to help people make their dreams come true! Sincerely, Kathy