Friday, April 15, 2011

More Orange Roads From Monica

Tips from Monica continued from Wednesday:

~ Charge for your time (at least something) because your family is missing you while you are doing this photog thing and the equipment can be REALLY expensive!

~ Be UNIQUE. Come up with your own ideas, locations, and point of view. Don’t copy others work but use it as inspiration to push yourself and new ideas!

~ Find a place to host your website (I LOVE so you can post photos and have a place for your family and friends to view and purchase your work.

~Use social Media like Facebook, twitter, or blogging to help increase your exposure.

So there you have it! You can do this and if it's what you love, it's exactly what you need to be doing!

Monica Toohey~Krause

Note from Kathy: I love this picture of Monica because it exemplifies her free spirit and sense of fun!

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monica@studiokyk said...

you are SO FUNNY!!! I cant believe you used that photo.... you just wanted to make sure I'm paying attention! Thanks lady for the wonderful support!