Monday, March 14, 2011

Working at a Shelter - Orange Road #4

One of my all time favorite words with regard to IWIL is Volunteer. I will bring this up over and over because it is the number one way to learn what it means to really do what you think you want to do.

For opening a door to working with animals in your life, right now, I would say find a local shelter and go sign up to volunteer. The work may not be pretty or pleasant and it's certain to smell bad, but I bet you will connect with a creature that will steal your heart! You know you can't save them all, dogs, cats, rabbits, chickens, and even a random goat or pot bellied pig, but being there to show love and affection to even one precious creature will make a difference in this world. You will get to know some of the animals and may even feel compelled to help find them homes. You may also learn a little bit about being a veterinary technician or even some training techniques.

When you volunteer, you not only give of your time, you give of yourself. You will always win when you are learning while giving. Visit to find a shelter near you. If not there, visit the website for the county you live in and see where your local shelter is. Finally, because he is dear to my heart, Patrick McDonnel artist and creator of Mutts gives back to shelters across the country. Visit the Mutts website and you will find a wealth of information and ways to support organizations that take care of our four legged friends. Click here.

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