Monday, March 7, 2011

Animals - Orange Road #2

I've done some homework and there are many careers that involve working with all kinds of animals ranging from basic part-time, to very exotic requiring years of education. I want to talk about some of those later in the month because if I have readers who are young and just starting out, they may want to know this info.

For now, let's get back to how Lisa can bring a career with animals into her already very full life. Pet Sitting is another way to make some extra money and spend time with animals that are not your kids. Pet sitting can be for dogs, cats, guinea pigs, hamsters, birds, mice, and even fish. A schedule will have to be worked out as to if the animals come to Lisa's house or if she needs to go to them, but this is a way to incorporate working with animals without making a hug shift in her current lifestyle. Some of the other benefits to offering pet sitting services are you can decide when you are taking pets and when you are not. You can also pick and choose which pets you will take and you can set your rates.

I feel it's my responsibility to provide you with a warning about the liability of being a pet sitter and the false sense of security insurance can provide. My beloved Riley was with a pet sitter when he had a deadly accident. It was just that, an accident but my pet sitter had a legitimate pet sitting business, she was insured. As it turned out, because what happened was not her fault, or she wasn't negligent, the insurance didn't cover her or Riley's death. She was as devastated as we were and she felt ripped off as she had paid for insurance for nearly ten years and when she needed it, she learned it was worthless. Had she done something to cause Riley's death, they may have covered her, but we don't know. I am not someone who operates from a place of fear, but I am one who likes to know what's real.

With that said, I think pet sitters are wonderful people who love our pets the way we do while we are away.

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