Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Work With Rescue - Orange Road #5

There are many organizations all over the country that rescue animals, all kinds of animals. I know of a woman who takes in all kinds of unusual animals like gophers, birds, chipmunks, and even an elk! You primarily see rescue organizations when there is an oil spill and the wonderful beings who do this work step in and save all the birds coated in oil.

Another organization is Animal Rescue Association of the Americas. This group is the first and only membership association of its kind for the animal rescue community. They represent a mighty volunteer force with a passion for justice and a commitment to bettering the lives of companion animals. If you can't give of your time, you can certainly find organizations like this one to support financially.

As a note, just giving your money would be a last resort in my opinion. It's certainly a great way to help out any number of worthy organizations, but the goal here is to get you living your dream and to me, that means doing. Go get 'em!

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