Wednesday, March 9, 2011

I Love Horses - Orange Road #3

I love horses! Many young girls love horses and dream of owning one all their own one day. This idea is one I implemented in my own life in my younger days - volunteer at a local stable doing any number of jobs, I can tell you, there are many!

In my experience, a rural area with stables is never far from even the largest metropolitan city. This is one of those Orange Roads that may require more of a time commitment just in drive time, but once you get there and take in all the sights, sounds, and smells (I love the smell of a horse stable!), it will all be worth it.

Many stable owners and people who board their horses that I know are usually open to the idea of help with their animals, even willing to lease their animals or offer co-ownership. Typically, they are busy and their horses are not their full time jobs either. Striking up a friendship and volunteering some of your time to show off your skills will very likely land you in a relationship with a horse of your very own...well, almost!

Keep in mind, this is one of those Orange Roads that will require a higher degree of ongoing commitment. The cool thing is that once you start making a horse a part of your life, so many more doors will open for you. Just go ahead, start and you will see!


Diana said...

So true~ and thank you for your recognition of those that help.

True, it is a serious commitment, and one that you cannot easily shake. It can be tough, you may bond with the horse, remember, it is not your horse, and you cannot do what you please.

Though, the rewards are so much more. Through taking care of horses, I discovered communication, I began to understand how relationships work, I found my confidence, I found a bond, a bond that comes from heart, blood, (yes, blood) sweat, tears of frustration, pain and mostly joy. Not to mention the excellent work out you get by shoveling manure, buckin'hay, and riding.

Kathy said...

I'm so glad you chimed in Diana! I thought of you as I was writing this because, like me, you took an Orange Road to find happiness with a horse! Love it! Kath