Friday, March 4, 2011

"I Want to Work With Animals"

Careers working with animals. The obvious options are Veterinarian, Vet Tech, Groomer, and Trainer. These are all really great options especially if you are young and looking to start your career. Now, let me clarify something right here, right now, I do not believe that age plays into when you can pursue your dreams, but sadly, many people do. This is exactly why I want to present ideas that those who can't leave their primary source of income, can incorporate into their lives right now.

If you are in your forties or fifties and working in your current profession, it's going to take more time, money and likely education to become a veterinarian. There isn't a single reason that I can think of not to do that, but in the mean time let's look at some things that can be incorporated right now, immediate satisfaction is what we are after with Intentional Winning in Life.

The first thing that comes to my mind when I think of Lisa (because I know her), I think of Dog Walker. Here's why this is the top of my list for her; Lisa is very body/health conscious and she adores her dog Mickey. Lisa walks most days anyway so taking on another dog or two for her daily walks is the easiest way to incorporate working with animals and making a little extra money right now. The national pay scale for dog walkers is $9 - $15 per hour. To add a little joy, doing what she's always wanted to do and make a few extra dollars, this is an easy Orange Road.

This is where we start March and I Want to Work With Animals. I plan to toss in some that you expect and a few I think will surprise you. This is going to be fun, and so you know, it's not too late to toss your Dream Not Come True in the mix. Enjoy and welcome to spring!

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