Monday, October 11, 2010


Inspiration is one of those things that I get flashes of. If only I could feel the same inspired feelings I feel after a leadership retreat, or while listening to a really amazing speaker. I had such a weekend recently and today I am asking myself how I can keep those fires burning and apply them to all areas of my life. Here's a few of the ideas I came up with:

  • Make a list of words that represent my values and hang it on my bathroom mirror. This will serve as a reminder at the beginning and end of my day.
  • Keep a running log of one thing I've done each day to move me closer to my goals. These could be things like making a phone call to someone who could mentor me, sending out media kits to new prospects, or going to a yoga class.
  • Continually surrounding myself with inspired people. We are what we think and when we are sharing our daily space with people who are making their dreams come true, you will continue to be inspired.
What do you do to stay inspired after an event that really fired you up? Share your thoughts and ideas, I'm listening!

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