Wednesday, October 13, 2010

2011 And Beyond!

All of you know about the Intentional Winning In Life concept and anthology book series plan. I'm ready to start sending that plan into action! November first marks the three year anniversary of writing this blog, can you believe it's been that long? Here's the plan and how you can help:

  • Each month starting in January, I plan to take a specific topic, the topic of your dreams placed on hold, and show you in twelve posts (give or take) how to put that dream back to work making you happy!

  • I need you to share with me what it was you wanted to be when you grew up, or a dream you realized later in life that for one reason or another you stopped pursuing. I also need to know why you came to believe you couldn't see it through.

  • I also need you to put this call out to everyone you know in hopes that with your blessing, they will share their dreams "not" come true with me, too.

I'm going to pick ten of the most popular topics and two of the most unusual to work with next year. This will then become the foundation of what Intentional Winning In Life books will be about. Intentional Winning In Wine Making. Intentional Winning In Writing. Intentional Winning In Nursing. You get the idea. This is going to be really fun, and if I use your topic, how cool will it be to have a real road map to making your dreams come true?

Will you help me? Send me your dreams and why you are not pursuing them and send this request out to your family and friends. I can't wait to make things happen as this year wraps up and we welcome a new year!


Michele said...

I will definitely be emailing you my dream NOT come...I am working on my dream right now, and hope to at least have it partially fulfilled by the end of the year....But, just in case I don't, I would love your input in helping me reach my goal. It's funny, I discovered your blog about two years ago when I started my invention journey, and read it daily to stay motivated. It will be great to actually have input from you on how I can continue to move forward!

Kathy said...

Michele, you are already on the right track if you are taking action! It's the step that people miss...they plan, they talk, they talk, they plan, but never "DO." I would love to apply my concepts to your dream(s) - I know you have many! I believe that thinking about our dream differently expands the horizon for them to fulfill us. Stay tuned! Thank you for reading, I love to write and it's so much more fun sharing it with you! Kath