Friday, October 8, 2010


I had a scheduled appointment for Mason and I to get our flu shots and as I expected, Mason was scared. He worked himself up with all the fear and angst that comes with anticipating a shot! I assured him it would be fine, a little pinch at most and would be over before he would even have time to cry. Moreover, I stepped up and said I would go first to show him how uneventful it would be.

The time came and I sat up on the exam table while the nurse prepared the injections, four all together...yes, four! It was then I learned that I would be getting three to Mason's one! Yikes! Flu, whooping cough, and shot #2 of an earlier immunization that I never completed. Well, I took it like a trooper and like I told Mason, the pinch was nothing, but the medication soaking into my flesh was painful! The worst part, I didn't dare flinch as I didn't want Mason to be scared. I prayed the burning medication was not the flu shot as that's the only one he had to get.

When Mason's turn came, he asked some questions, examined the needle up close, and then gave the go-ahead. He winced a little and it was over. No tears! He hopped off the table and went to get a sticker, a pencil, and a lollipop. I was fairly certain that my three injection sites were going to get sorer before feeling better and I was right. Both of my arms are really sore but I did get a lollipop! Doesn't that make it all better? I think so!

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