Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Simple Ways To Start Decluttering

Let's get real, tackling your whole house is WAY too overwhelming so start in just one place. For me, it's the kitchen table. The table is the catch-all for everything Partak including school work, mail, glove business, consulting work notes, and anything else that comes in from outside.

When I start to feel my clutter closing in on me, I start by putting away things on the table, if they don't have a home, I make the choice to keep it or toss it. Next any paper that I can throw away (or recycle as is appropriate) gets tossed. Everything else gets put in one pile and I go through it piece by piece. Right then, I put it where it goes (file, bills to-pay, sign for school or to mail, etc.), and in just minutes I'm done! I wipe the table off, push the chairs in and I already feel like I am more in control and ready to tackle the next space! You can do it, too...just start!

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