Monday, April 19, 2010

Time To Refresh

The major decluttering project last year set me up to feel free of the weight hanging on to stuff put on me, but as time has passed, things have started to pile up again. It's not anything other than living, but it needs attention and intention to be beat!

Just yesterday I pulled a bag out of the pantry and went through the house and easily collected more than 10 things (remember, Give Away Ten A Day?). After I put the stuff that was easy to part with, I walked through again and grabbed three more things, one being a pair of boots that I haven't worn in more than two years but couldn't part with last year. Gone!

I'm going to take you on my refresher and would love it if you would join me and declutter your space a little, too. Call it Spring Cleaning with a twist and Give Away Ten A Day!

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