Friday, June 6, 2008

Great Advice From A Great Dad

"When I was about 15, my dad pulled me over to sit on his lap and suddenly got serious (kinda different for him, he was always laughing and joking around)...he said to me, Lisa, you can do anything in life that you decide and put your mind to! If anyone ever tries to tell you different, you can tell them that I said they can go to Hell!! You know...I completely believed him, and I can still hear his voice saying it as if it were yesterday, for the last 25 years!" Lisa Sulik-Leis, Sacramento, CA

I've known Lisa for many years, and I'm here to attest to this story. No, I wasn't there when her father gave her this magical advice, but I've seen her live it! This is a woman who lived one of her dreams of marrying her husband atop a snowy mountain, and then skiing down after saying "I do."
Just the work of one more great dad!

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