Friday, June 27, 2008

The Dad I Love the Best!

Yesterday was Dave's birthday. Happy birthday Dave; my hubby and Mason's dad - the dad I love the best!

I want to pay tribute to my honey who I am so proud to say, is a wonderful dad. There is so much I can tell you about what makes Dave a great dad like the way he parents in all the everyday stuff, and he doesn't see his time with just him and Mason as "babysitting." The stuff that will pay big rewards in the years to come is the way Dave talks with and listens to Mason. He engages Mason in ways that only a dad can, and if you've spent any time with our boy, you know he adores Dave!

The list of ways I feel Dave is a great dad is long. So to keep this short and sweet, here's the number one thing that I see daily that warms my heart and affirms what I already know, I married the perfect man to be the father of our child. Dave is always looking to Mason's future and thinking about what he will remember as a child, and taking action. You can see it in the way he wants to take Mason with him when he makes a quick trip to the store; Mason is not a bother. He seeks out play dates, plans them, and follows them through with inviting the children to come to our house and play. We have several of Mason's friends coming to the house tonight for a sleepover; at Dave's suggestion.

With so many parents overwhelmed with work, money, and unhappy relationships, it's wonderful to be with a man who is happily plugged in to his family. What a lucky little boy Mason is to have a dad like Dave!

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Kara Plank said...

A lucky boy indeed. Keep up the good work, Dave!