Friday, July 15, 2011

Paying Cont. Orange Road - Scholarship Contests & Sweepstakes

Being a winner of many contests myself, this was one avenue I was glad to find! It's free money if you can get it and for me, it's fun trying. From what I can tell, this Orange Road varies from the standard ways of evaluating applications for other scholarships - this is more random and depending on the contest marketing and length of the contest, your odds may better or worse. It is my way of thinking that you can't win if you don't play so put your entry in and if you win, whoo-hoo!

*Scholarship contests and sweepstakes typically won’t ask for your academic achievements, standardized test scores or financial needs, but they’re also more competitive because they’re so easy to apply for and winners are usually chosen at random. Your chances of winning in a contest or sweepstakes vary widely, based on the number of applicants who enter each drawing. Requirements may be as simple as sending off an email or completing an online form, and you won’t be asked to come up with an essay on why you’re deserving of the free money.

The more specific you are in your search, the better your chances of landing scholarship money because the pool of applicants gets smaller as your search gets more specialized. But someone has to win in these scholarship contests and sweepstakes, so if it isn’t too time-consuming, you’re feeling lucky, and the site you found is legitimate, consider applying for a chance to land one of these awards. Remember, however, to beware of scholarship scams. While many contests and sweepstakes will ask you to fill out online forms in order for you to be eligible for the awards, you should never have to pay a processing fee to win money. Check out our examples of scholarship contests and sweepstakes that we think may we worth a shot.

* This information was taken directly from Visit their website for a wealth of information.

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