Monday, December 14, 2009


All of you know by now that I love to make Christmas cookies. I'm a retired cake decorator and to keep me creatively stimulated, I decorate beautiful gingerbread cookies during the holidays. I can remember my granny and my mom making dozens of different kinds of cookies, and though I love the little spritz cookies, nothing enchants me like a beautifully decorated cut-out cookie!

Do you have cookie traditions in your family? Most people I know bake for the holidays and it's clearly why we all resolve to lose some weight come January 1st. If not all the weight we vow to lose each day, just the weight we gained from all the Christmas cookies!

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Tania Reynaert said...

wow, these are truly can you eat them?!

The weirdest thing. I have your blog update for the 11 of Dec and then the 25th...all these fun ones in between just arrived in my updates today!

Like one post says...even late, they're appreciated :-)